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11/07/2012 They All Got It Right: Polls, Markets, and Models (PBS Newshour)
11/02/2012 Electronic Market Predicts Presidential Election (Iowa Public Television)


03/20/2012 GOP Faces a Tough Battle to Win White House (MSN)


02/24/2012 IEM Demonstrates The Political Wisdom Of Crowds (24H Vancouver)


01/17/2012 IEM Trading Leans to Romney (Iowa City Press-Citizen)
01/16/2012 New Zealand Follows in the Footsteps of Trailblazing IEM (Voxy)
01/11/2012 IEM Shows How to Predict a President (Brad Schiller)
01/09/2012 Berg Explains Predictive Success of IEM (CNN)
01/06/2012 Would IEM-Style Markets Remove Some Political Silliness? (Fox Business)