Forsythe Comments on Bush IEM Lead

In case Democrats didn't have enough jitters, John Kerry is kerplunking like a stone in the Iowa Political Futures Market -- a novel but remarkably accurate predictor that yesterday put the odds of President Bush's re-election at more than 60 percent. The market late yesterday was predicting a Bush win with 52.7 percent of the popular vote to 47 percent for Kerry. In all, 64.8 percent of traders were betting on a Bush win -- a dramatic switch from just a month ago when the odds were even on Bush and Kerry. "Bush has broken out substantially in the last few days. It could be a combination of Kerry's speech on Iraq, Bush's speech to the U.N. and even the CBS Dan Rather story imploding," said University of Iowa business dean BOB FORSYTHE, who oversees the market. "Our traders seem to be indicating that not only is Bush ahead, but he may win by a substantial margin," added Forsythe, an undecided voter. This article also appeared Sept. 23 on YAHOO NEWS.