Sample Syllabi & Assignments: Economics

Course Name: Managerial Economics

Instructor(s): Robert Forsythe

Discipline: Economics

Level: MBA

Comments: This "minicase" assignment is included in the syllabus.


You will be required to keep a log in which you analyze trading in a particular contract which has traded on the Iowa Electronic Market (IEM) during the semester. At the beginning of the semester you should identify the contract you will be following. Keep a daily log in which you identify and record events that you think might have an effect on trading in the chosen contract. When you record these events you should also hypothesize about the effect of the event on the contract's price and volume traded.

Be sure to list your reasons that have led you to specific hypotheses. Make sure that you record your specific hypotheses BEFORE you look at IEM trading activity for the day. (It is also not expected that you will identify events on every day.) You will be asked to turn in your log for the semester on the last day of class.