Institute for International Business

International Field Studies Courses

Typically held in the spring semester, the International Field Studies course offers opportunities for students to participate in a hands-on business situation with a real client that also incorporates international travel. Students work in teams on specific business challenges. One-on-one interaction with the client provides guidance and insight into the company's needs. The project takes students, usually over spring break, to various global locations to gain further information, market research, and to help teams formulate plans that will be presented to clients later in the semester.

Projects are affiliated with the Tippie Business Solutions Center and provide hands-on consulting projects with industrial companies, investment managers, retailers, high-tech firms, nonprofits, and more. Travel usually takes place over spring break and partner companies provide some of the costs associated with the travel. Whether you're helping a company evaluate distribution channels in the U.K. or start a promotional effort in China, you'll come away with an invaluable international experience.