Institute for International Business

Costs and Expenses

The CUHK Accounting Exchange Program is a direct exchange program, which means students will pay tuition to the UI while participating in this exchange. Additional costs for this exchange are set out below.

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Costs in HK$ are based on estimates provided by CUHK, and USD amounts will vary based on exchange rates:


Hong Kong Dollar*

U.S. Dollar




Caution Money (refundable) $450 $58
Hostel Deposit (refundable) $1,000 $129
Books and Supplies






Visa Application Fee $500 $65
Administration Fee $1,000 $129






*Note: Estimates will vary based on current exchange rates.

Additional expense estimates include:

Nonrefundable application fee—$50

Roundtrip Airfare$1,300 to $1,600 (estimates)

Passport Application Fees$135 (estimates)

Hong Kong Student Visa TBD