Institute for International Business

Academic Credits

Students will initially enroll in the following course for 12 credits, and an R (received credit) will appear on their University of Iowa transcript.

165:112:053 The Iowa Exchanges: Chinese University of Hong Kong

After completion of the CUHK exchange program, students will receive academic credit for their specific courses.

Students will typically enroll in one or two accounting courses as part of their schedule. The following Accounting Major courses can be taken at CUHK:

  • ACCT:3300 (6A:132) Valuation of Financial Claims
  • ACCT:3600 (6A:134) Applied Information Systems
  • ACCT:4100 (6A:144) Auditing
  • ACCT:4200 (6A:130) Accounting for Mgmt. Analysis & Control
  • ACCT:4400 (6A:145) Advanced Financial Accounting
  • *Refer to the Tippie College study abroad course equivalency database for other pre-approved CUHK business courses.