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Travel Arrangements

Program Dates:

  • Fall Semester: August 25- December 22
  • Spring Semester: January 2- May 9

Airfare Options

UI Study Abroad encourages students to shop around for the best options when the time comes to begin booking your travel arrangements. Don't be shy about comparing different prices and special packages before making your final decision.

Iowa City Area Agencies

Agency NameContact Information

Short's Travel Service


Winebrenner Red Carpet Travel


Hawkeye World Travel


Travel Concepts 319-351-1911
Meacham Travel Service 319-351-1360
AAA Travel 319-354-1622

Student Travel Agencies

  • AESU Travel

    Click on "Study Abroad Fares" and use the Promotion Code 463, or when calling mention the Promotion Code 463 to receive a $20 discount. AESU uses this Promotion Code system to give you additional discounts. The ISIC card (see below) is not required for its airfares. It offers flexible tickets with extended validity so be sure to mention if you would like the option to change your dates of travel later. Make sure you know the rules of your ticket before purchasing it. 800-638-7640

  • STA Travel (worldwide)

    STA Travel offers student tickets with extended validity (most of the time, 6 months to 1-year stay) and reasonable change fees (some as low as $25) for you to change your mind about your return date. STA Travel offices are located worldwide so you can often get in contact with an STA Travel agent near your study abroad site. The company offers student tickets/discounts, knows budget travel options within foreign countries, has package deals, and encourages alternative destinations. It often requires the purchase of the $22 International Student Identity Card, or ISIC. 800-781-4040

  • Travel Cuts

    Similar to STA Travel, although a smaller company and Canadian owned. You will be able to find "partner offices" that will assist you abroad, although they won't be "Travel Cuts" offices specifically. Travel Cuts also offers student tickets (lengthy validity and reasonable change fees), budget travel options within foreign countries, and package deals. They also often require the purchase of the ISIC (see below). 800-592-CUTS (2887)

  • Student Universe

    Student Universe offers many of the same student discounted deals as STA Travel and Travel Cuts. Its tickets are often not as flexible though, so be sure to read the rules and regulations before purchasing. They do not have offices overseas and will direct you to contact the airline if you have any questions or problems outside of hours that the U.S. Service Center is open. Also, an "edu" email is required to use this site.

Other Discount Travel Sites