Institute for International Business

Academic Credits

Students can earn 4 s.h. of University of Iowa academic credit ( spring semester, 3 s.h. summer) for the Summer Dublin Internship Program. The application of credit is as follows:

Nonbusiness Elective Credit (1 s.h.) :
Global Internship Preparation (1 s.h.): This is a 1 s.h. course taught in the spring semester directly proceeding the Summer Dublin Internship Program. This course will focus on professional development and predeparture preparation for the internship experience. The course is graded S/U.

Business Elective Credit (3 s.h.):
Global Business Perspectives (3 s.h.): This 3 s.h. summer course seeks to link the practical experience of working abroad, and the professional development skills therein, with a scholarly capacity to reflect on the experience in a rigorous manner. This course includes writing and professional development assignments submitted online and successful completion of the two weekly courses offered by EUSA in Dublin. The course is graded A-F.

  • Business Students: This course can satisfy the Business GE Global & Cultural Studies (pre-Fall 2011)/ International and Global Issues (Fall 2011 and after) requirement.
  • IBC Students: Students earning an International Business Certificate (IBC) can apply this course toward the International Business requirements under the IBC.