Institute for International Business

What Past Participants Say

Yiqi Luo
"I studied abroad in Italy last spring. What I learned differently from this summer as an intern was more realistic compared to only studying abroad."—Yiqi Luo

Dongye Yan
"Before I came to Hong Kong, I believed there was not much difference between Hong Kong and mainland China because Hong Kong is part of China...this proved to be wrong."—Dongye Yan

Wade Scholten
"Being in Hong Kong allowed me to appreciate a culture apart from mine and gave me confidence in going to other countries in Asia."—Wade Scholten

Bo Tu
"I have a better understanding of culture through the internship experience. This is not just for the Hong Kong culture but also for either the U.S. culture or my home country's culture."—Bo Tu

Nicole Migacz
"Having a full-time job contributes to the feeling of being independent while being abroad. It helped me imagine what life will be like after college."—Nicole Migacz