Institute for International Business
Intern in London

Intern in London

Spend your summer living and working in England's largest city.

Intern in Paris

Intern in Paris

An internship is a great way to explore French language and culture.

Intern in Madrid

Intern in Madrid

Use your language skills to work abroad in Spain this summer.

Intern in Hong Kong

Intern in Hong Kong

Spend your summer living and working in a variety of industry sectors.



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Tippie Global Internships

Now Accepting Summer 2015 Applications

Less than 1% of American students earn academic credit for interning/working abroad!

The Tippie College of Business offers unique cultural and professional immersion experiences in four cities across the globe. English-speaking programs are available in London and Hong Kong, while programs requiring minimum language proficiency are offered in Paris and Madrid. These opportunities are open to all qualified University of Iowa students and award students up to 6 s.h. of University of Iowa academic credit.

These global internships are approximately 8-weeks long during the summer. Students are placed in a guaranteed unpaid internship by one of our Global Intern partners. Dream Careers operates our two English language programs, while EUSA is our partner in Paris and Madrid. In addition to intern placement, our partners provide on-site support and safety.


"An additional role of the [University] providing the internship is to supplement the work experience with an academic component in which the student is guided through the concrete experience and reflective observation stages of learning in order to make these connections and formulate thoughtful applications for their experiences in the "real world".

- The Value of International Internships in Global Workforce Development, Jennifer Malerich

The TCOB has designed innovative and unique curriculum that takes the student from the preceding semester through re-entry. This 8-month curriculum better prepares the student for this abroad working experience so they can maximize the experience during the relatively short time abroad.

"The Global Internship class helped change my professional outlook on life." - Global Intern Alum

The Value Proposition

1. Personal Development

  • Greater Self-Awareness
  • Confidence
  • Broader Worldview and Understanding
  • Language Proficiency (Madrid & Paris)

2. Professional Development

  • Enhanced Career Preparedness
  • Professional Internship Experience
  • Resume Enhancement
  • Improved Interviewing Stories/Abilities
  • Skill Building

3. Logistics

  • Inclusive Program
  • On-Site Safety & Support

"A great value of doing an internship abroad is the sense of accomplishment because it is difficult, challenging and frustrating, but when it's finished it is also extremely rewarding." - Mick, Global Intern Alum

Learn more about these programs on this website or watch here as well as the TCOB College Calendar for upcoming information sessions.