Institute for International Business

Academic Credits

Students can earn 4 s.h. of University of Iowa academic credit (1 s.h. spring semester, 3 s.h. summer) for the Summer London Internship Program. The application of credit is as follows:

Nonbusiness Elective Credit (1 s.h.) :
Global Internship Preparation (1 s.h.): This is a 1 s.h. S/U graded course taught in the spring semester directly proceeding the summer London Internship. The course will be delivered through a series of lectures with participants of all global intern sites and discussion sections led by the London student ambassador. Areas of study and preparation include:

  • Global Current Events
  • Reflective Learning
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Professional Development
  • Host City/Country Knowledge and Planning

Business Elective Credit (3 s.h.):
Global Business Perspectives (3 s.h.):  This 3 s.h. A-F graded summer course seeks to link the practical experience of working abroad, and the professional development skills therein, with a scholarly capacity to reflect on the experience in a rigorous manner. Weekly assignments are designed to meet the following objectives:

  • understanding the value of international work assignments
  • understanding your own cultural and professional beliefs and how those beliefs as well as the beliefs of others influence behavior and practices at the individual, organization, and societal level
  • demonstrate an awareness and understanding of working in diverse work teams
  • skills and perspectives for living and working in a culturally diverse world.
    • Business Students: This course can satisfy the Business GE Global & Cultural Studies (pre-Fall 2011)/ International and Global Issues (Fall 2011 and after) requirement.*3 s.h. will be applied toward the GE; however, note it will be considered BUSINESS hours toward your BBA degree.
    • IBC Students: Students earning an International Business Certificate (IBC) can apply this course toward the International Business requirements under the IBC.