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David Light

David LightMy summer London internship was working for a web design company called Distilled Ltd. My responsibilities at Distilled included web design, site builds, website content updates, sequel queries for revenue reports, HTML email template builds, workstation setups, Linux and Windows operating systems setups, and running company errands. I spent most of my time working on a client website for a company called Brooksight. The website was built using HTML, CSS, and PHP. The other major task was an HTML email template for Potters Fields Park and Bluedot Consulting. The email templates were built for the clients to use on Campaign Monitor, a web-based email system that sends mass emails out to the individual company's clients for news updates for the company.

Being abroad in a new country working for an internship gives us a competitive advantage when it comes to finding a future career. Being able work successfully in a new environment shows our ability to adapt to change. British culture is different from what we experience in the United States. By living in London, I was immersed in the culture and able to work easier with my coworkers. The web development division of Distilled is a team of four including myself, so it was necessary to work cooperatively with one another. The most valuable aspect of interning in London was to experience a culture not of my own. I gained an appreciation for my home and what I have been given. By working in London, I became more independent and took on a leadership role among my peers. I became a stronger person because I could live in a country I've never been to and was able to survive without help from my close friends and family. This was something I couldn't learn while living at home or at the University of Iowa.

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