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Alene Quinn

Alene QuinnWhile I worked at EMC3, I was able to get some valuable skills that I will able to take with me throughout my personal life and professional career. I have updated a database called ACT of over 4,000 clients for my company. I have also researched extensively for many different venues throughout London searching for the perfect fit for each individual event that fits the criteria of the client. In addition to searching for venues, I was able to plan trips for clients that wanted to travel throughout Europe. I was given a budget and a timeframe, and I was able to plan the entire trip, including accommodation and leisure time, for the client. I would get all of the information and write up a report to present to the client and see if any of the options would work, and if not, the search would continue until the client is satisfied.

The experience I have gained in the time I have spent in London is monumental. While visiting a city like London, you can explore the city and experience all that it has to offer, but working and living in a foreign city provides a whole new view of the culture. Living and working in London for two months allowed me to be a tourist, but also feel like a local Londoner all at the same time. I was able to work with locals and speak to people from many different backgrounds on the phone and through email. Riding on the Tube and bus everyday to work allowed me to people-watch, and feel like I belong in London without being viewed as a "tourist."

Living in London allowed me to see how other cultures work and get a feel for how diverse the world is. I was able to travel throughout Europe and see many things that would have been hard to do if I did not have the opportunity to be in London. I learned many new things about people from other backgrounds and what it is like to work in London while continuously finding new things to experience throughout the city. I also learned a lot about myself . I realized I am not as shy as I thought, more independent, and able to adapt to different situations quickly. When I came to London, I was very nervous about what I would get out of the experience and how I would react being away from my friends and family, but I have learned that this experience has allowed me to grow personally and professionally. I have lived, worked, and traveled throughout Europe. I have learned so much and I will take every experience I have had this summer with me throughout my life.

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