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Stacy Rust

Stacy RustI interned with the BBC Worldwide in the Creative Services department. I gained valuable knowledge about how to market television shows and films to international audiences. I helped write promotional copy, decide on titles and straplines of upcoming shows, and put together various marketing projects.

London is a very diverse city, and by working here, I learned to effectively communicate and collaborate with coworkers from all over the world. Also, my internship at the BBC Worldwide involved marketing to international broadcasters. All of this gave me great cultural perspective combined with valuable work experience. Working closely with diverse people allows you to learn about other cultures as well as your own. I feel more balanced and confident, which will help me in my future career.

I believe the most valuable aspect of my experience in London was my internship. I was given great creative freedom and gained valuable knowledge about international marketing. I gained friends at work and became very close with the Iowa students I came with.

It takes time to really become familiar with such a big city, and living in London for eight weeks has given me that opportunity. I've learned how to adjust to a country very different from the United States. I had to learn how to navigate through the city, where to buy groceries, what to do in my free time, etc. I've learned to adapt to a different environment and I've become much more independent. Through this experience, I've gotten to see much of England and some nearby countries, and became comfortable with international travel. I feel much more comfortable in places I am unfamiliar with, and more confident.

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