Institute for International Business

What Past Participants Say

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Alene Quinn
"Working and living in a foreign city provides a whole new view of the culture."—Alene Quinn


"An invaluable experience that I will never forget."—Brady Bogue

"Employers want your help and you are more likely to get real tasks in comparison to some internships you can find locally."—Ben Mann

"If you're looking for a challenge, this is the program for you."—Alex Chiang

David Light
"Being abroad for an internship gives us a competitive advantage."—David Light


"I really grew to appreciate and respect the cultural differences."—Jenny Carroll

"I truly recommend living abroad."—Lindsay Scott

"I feel much more comfortable in places I am unfamiliar with, and more confident."—Stacy Rust

Stephanie Henner
"You commute every day and work every day which makes you feel more like a Londoner."—Stephanie Henner