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What Past Participants Say

Mike Callahan

Mike CallahanI worked in International Venture Consulting Outsourcing S.L., which is a consulting firm that also provides outsourced accounting services for small companies who either did not want to or lacked the resources to have their own accounting department. For my job, I generally did financial statement creation and analysis, invoice registration, document translation, and year-end tax filings.

A great value of doing an internship abroad is the sense of accomplishment because it is difficult, challenging, and frustrating, but when it's finished, it is also extremely rewarding. There is a progression in which at first you feel as though you are viewed as an outsider, but by the end you feel comfortable and just like everyone else around , which is also very rewarding.

The most valuable aspect of living in Madrid is the amount of history and diversity you are exposed to each day, which are things you are not able to experience in Iowa. In Madrid, almost every building has a historical look to it, which really gives the city a lot of character. You are also able to meet a lot of people from all over the world because Madrid is so diverse.