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Lauren Groeper

Lauren GroeperWhile studying abroad in Madrid, I interned in the marketing and management departments for the bakery Cosmen y Keiless. During my internship, I helped design and serve cupcakes to Spanish dukes, duchesses, and reporters at the unveiling of President Barack Obama at the famous Madrid Wax Museum. I also dedicated the bulk of my time to reorganizing the entire Cosmen y Keiless product identification system and used that information to create a new charging system. By combining my study abroad experience with an internship, I felt I developed a deeper understanding of the Spanish culture and improved my speaking ability through daily interaction with my coworkers and the Spanish public. One of the most valuable aspects of my Madrid experience was shadowing my boss and learning what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Living and working abroad in Madrid taught me how to adapt to another culture and become more aware of international events occurring around the world.