Institute for International Business

Preparations, Safety, and Insurance

UI Study Abroad has information for preparing to go abroad that covers a range of topics including money conversion, safety/health issues, packing, etc. All participants in the Madrid Internship Program should read this information.

Mandatory Travel Insurance for UI Students Traveling Abroad for Educational Purposes

Students traveling abroad under the auspices of the University of Iowa are required to register their travel with UI Study Abroad, and to submit paperwork pertaining to health, safety, and liability issues, including a photocopy of their passport. They are also required to purchase the Regents International Health Insurance plan and will be automatically signed up for coverage. The cost is $1.15 per day and is included in the Madrid Internship Program fee.

Detailed instructions may be found on the UI Study Abroad website under Health Insurance Information and International Travel Insurance Plan FAQs for UI Students.