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What Past Participants Say

Sara Weitzel

Sara WeitzelBefore this program, I had studied abroad one summer and participated in an internship program in Washington, D.C., during another, and while I grew both personally and professionally from both these programs and learned a lot, nothing can compare to my experience this summer participating in the Madrid Internship Program. Through this program, I gained invaluable work experience at the Spanish firm Grupo Zena, improved my spoken Spanish, bonded with a Spanish family, learned to appreciate Spanish culture, traveled throughout Spain and Europe, and most important, gained confidence in myself, my skills, and my future.

It was a wonderful culmination of my past summer experiences and one that I will not soon forget. This program forced me to leave my comfort zone both personally and professionally, which I have found is the key to growing and learning. For this reason alone, the Madrid Internship Program is a fantastic program that helped me grow and opened my eyes to a different part of the world. It was not just my internship, but the whole program (cultural activities, living with a host family, opportunity to travel) that made this program unique and an indispensable part of my personal and professional development.

I consider myself lucky to have had this opportunity to immerse myself in the Spanish workplace and culture and experience another part of the world with an intensity that is not matched by other study abroad programs.