Institute for International Business

Paris Internship Program

New information about Summer 2015 coming in early October.


The Paris Internship Program is a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to develop greater awareness of French culture and to enhance French language skills in the context of a professional work experience. Not only will your language skills grow exponentially, but you will gain a perspective on how people work and live in today's France that a typical study abroad experience cannot provide.

The French Department and the Tippie College of Business have partnered with EUSA to bring Iowa undergraduate students a customized academic internship opportunity in Paris. The program is nearly nine weeks in length. Students stay with French families and commute on public transportation to their internship. After a three-day orientation and onsite interviews, the eight-week internship begins.

This program is NOT a typical study abroad program. It is a program for mature students who are seeking an experience that will provide both full language immersion and international work experience.