Institute for International Business

Academic Credits

Students can earn 6 s.h. of University of Iowa academic credit (1 s.h. spring semester, 5 s.h. summer) for the Paris Internship Program. Participants will be able to apply the 3 s.h. earned during the summer toward a French major or minor. The application of credit is as follows:

Elective Credit (3 s.h.) :

Global Internship Preparation (1 s.h.): This is a 1 s.h. S/U graded course taught in the spring semester directly proceeding the summer London internship. The course will be delivered through a series of lectures with participants of all global intern sites and discussion sections led by the Paris student ambassador. Areas of study and preparation include:
  • Global Current Events
  • Reflective Learning
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Professional Development
  • Host City/Country Knowledge and Planning

Global Business Perspectives (2 s.h.):  This 2 s.h. S/U summer course seeks to link the practical experience of working abroad, and the professional development skills therein, with a scholarly capacity to reflect on the experience in a rigorous manner. Assignments are designed to meet the following objectives:
  • understanding the value of international work assignments
  • understanding your own cultural and professional beliefs and how those beliefs as well as the beliefs of others influence behavior and practices at the individual, organization, and societal level
  • demonstrate an awareness and understanding of working in diverse work teams
  • skills and perspectives for living and working in a culturally diverse world.

French Major/Minor Credit (3 s.h.):

9:127 Summer Language Course (3 s.h.): This course aims to engage a students critical skills and help develop independent thinking, while also promoting research and communication skills (in French) that are transferable and highly relevant to future employment. This course will measure your knowledge and understanding of the foreign workplace and the wider culture in which it operates. Students will interpret their workplace in terms of professional, cultural, economic, and/or political issues, delivered via:

  • Internship Report (2,000 words written in French)
  • Oral Presentation (delivered in French)
  • The French department's study abroad advisor will assist participants in determining how these credits can best fit into their French major.
  • IBC Students: Students earning an International Business Certificate (IBC) can apply this course toward the International Business requirements under the IBC.