Krause Fund

Krause Fund Analysts

Undergraduate students enrolled in Applied Equity Valuation (6F:112) manage the fund. The course exposes students to the valuation techniques and analytical tools employed by analysts. Students work in teams to evaluate companies and provide detailed investment recommendations. Each team is assigned to cover stocks in a specific sector. At the end of the semester, fund managers deliver formal investment presentations to the class and the Krause Fund Investment Advisory Committee of financial professionals.

Spring 2016 Analysts

Materials & Industrials

  • Jack Warning
  • Thomas Murray
  • Jace Hepker

Consumer Discretionary

  • Austin Moss
  • Nicholas Barry
  • Eric Hale
  • Nick Steingreaber

Consumer Staples

  • Kol Rath
  • Colin Rogers
  • Brandon Schreiner
  • Shane Shaddox


  • Jack Abrahamson
  • Elliott Smith
  • Katherine Boyle
  • Ryan Dowd

Financial Services

  • Cheng Chen
  • Sidi Chen
  • Sahan Thenuwara
  • Ling Hao Bao

Health Care

  • Adam Busta
  • Alex Junk
  • Manman Tai
  • Taylor Wingert


  • Carson Goodale
  • Samuel Stecker
  • Troy Radtke
  • Nicole Gierman

Telecom & Utility

  • Joseph Holz
  • Josiah Johnson
  • Cooper Perry
  • Ardian Asani

Technology Team Alpha

  • Ross Gibson
  • Mingjian Li
  • Yiyao Lin
  • Jacob Molina

Technology Team Beta

  • Ryan Crockett
  • Nicholas Payne
  • Maxwell Neumann
  • Trevor Heimke