Krause Fund

Krause Fund Analysts

Undergraduate students enrolled in Applied Equity Valuation (6F:112) manage the fund. The course exposes students to the valuation techniques and analytical tools employed by analysts. Students work in teams to evaluate companies and provide detailed investment recommendations. Each team is assigned to cover stocks in a specific sector. At the end of the semester, fund managers deliver formal investment presentations to the class and the Krause Fund Investment Advisory Committee of financial professionals.

Spring 2015 Analysts

Materials & Industrials

  • Ryan Kirkey
  • Robin Siow
  • Caitlin Sullivan
  • Katie Kim

Technology Team Alpha

  • Adam Ishola
  • Adrien Voellinger
  • Jared Mandel

Technology Team Beta

  • Xiwen Liu
  • John Sheeley
  • Zhixiang Zhang
  • Chenyu Zhao

Consumer Discretionary

  • Jeremy Dobes
  • James Savage
  • Bryce Engelbart


  • Luke McCarthy
  • Trent Good
  • Brett Theriault

Financial Services

  • Yijie Wang
  • Yumeng Xu
  • Shan Xiao
  • Yangchen Ma

Health Care

  • Mitch Anderson
  • Imran Hasan
  • Alex Knight


  • Sam Kushner
  • Nik Jiruska
  • Adam Millers

Hawkeye Pride

  • Steven Hensley
  • Greg Kordesh
  • Mitch Ross
  • Michael Lewiston

Telecommunications & Utilities

  • Emily Miller
  • Emily Brannon
  • Katie Stych

Consumer Staples

  • Yuqing Fang
  • Di Yan
  • Leslie Wille