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Clark E. McLeod

Clark E. McLeodClark E. McLeod founded McLeod Inc. (now McLeodUSA Incorporated) and has served as chairman, chief executive officer, and a director of the commpany since its inception in June 1991.

Teleconnect, McLeod's previous business, was an Iowa-based long-distance telecommunications company. Founding the company in January 1980, McLeod served as chairman and chief executive officer from that time until December 1988, when Teleconnect merged with SoutherNet and became Telecom*USA. From 1988 to August 1990, McLeod was president and vice chairman of Telecom*USA.

By 1990, Telecom*USA was America's fourth largest long-distance telecommunications company, with nearly 6,000 employees. MCI purchased Telecom*USA in August 1990 for $125 billion. At that time, McLeod, together with management, purchased the Teleconnect telephone equipment subsidiary and the Telecom*USA Publishing subsidiary from MCI.

McLeod assists in economic development efforts in Cedar Rapids and the state, and he oversees the McLeod Charitable Foundation.

Prior to entering the telecommunications field, McLeod was a math and science teacher, and he maintains an active interest in education.

He received the Oscar C. Schmidt Iowa Business Leadership Award in 1999.