Management and Organizations

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Terry Boles

What are your research areas? Social values and negotiation, cross-cultural issues in negotiation, judgment, and decision making.

Did you work in industry before teaching? No, but I did do a lot of community service work, serving as president of such organizations as the San Marcos Parent Child Workshop and the Santa Barbara Handweaver's Guild. I also worked for three years as a peer advisor in career services.

What do you love most about the University of Iowa or living in Iowa? I love the people. I love the collegiality of the M&O department. I like the variety of cultural and sporting events. I like the small-town atmosphere but also enjoy the benefits of a world-class university and hospital.

What are your hobbies or what do you like to do on weekends? I like to garden, read, travel, sew, attend theater events, and entertain guests at my home.

Do you have children? I have two sons. One lives in Seattle; the other lives in Coralville and works for Pearson.

Milo and Max
Milo and Max

Do you have pets? I have a bearded collie named Milo. He is 11 years old and a wonderful companion. I have a Persian cat named Max who unfortunately likes to bring me baby bunnies in the spring. They are both gray with long hair—a matched set.

What are some of your favorite books? The last book I read is often my most favorite (this may be because it is the only one I can remember!). I belong to a book club and read a lot. I also enjoy reading spiritual, meditation, and self-improvement books. I recently had dinner with Marilyn Robinson, an Iowa writer who has received two Pulitzer Prizes for her novels. I felt blessed to have had the opportunity, and it also speaks to the kind of town that Iowa City is.

What are some of your favorite movies? Ryan's Daughter (by David Lean), Summer of '42 (am I dating myself here?), and Avatar in 3D.

Where were you born? Where have you lived besides Iowa? I was born in Coalville, Utah—even though I was raised in Evanston, Wyoming—because there was no hospital in the town I lived in and my parents had to go to Utah for the birth. I lived in Evanston until I was 17 and went to college. I recently moved to Coralville, Iowa—so I've added one letter to the town where I was born. Guess I haven't come that far. I've also lived in Dunedin, New Zealand (4 years), Laramie, Wyoming (3 years), Dallas, Texas (18 months—which was all I could stand); Santa Barbara, California (16 years), Evanston, Illinois (2 years), and Iowa City for 17 years. Add them all up and you will realize I am really old.

Countries visited? Tahiti, American Samoa, Fiji, Australia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, England, Spain, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Hungary, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Falkland Islands, and best of all, Antarctica. I've been on every continent except Africa—guess I'll have to remedy that in the next few years.

Anything else you want to share? I have spent the last year designing and building a new home. I moved in March 2010. It is handicapped accessible and all on one level with no steps. It is a beautiful home and I am very happy with it. I have a midnight blue Vespa, which I cherish (and sometimes ride). I serve on two nonprofit boards, Riverside Theatre and the Iowa City Foreign Relations Council. Before I entered academia, I was a spinner and a weaver. I hope to return to these hobbies when I retire.