Management and Organizations

Meet Our Faculty

Ken Brown (publishes under Kenneth G. Brown)

What are your research areas? Training, motivation, and e-learning.

Did you work in industry before teaching? I worked as a civilian researcher for the Navy. I have also consulted off and on throughout my time in graduate school and as a faculty member.

What do you love most about the University of Iowa or living in Iowa? So many things, but most of all the people. There is really something to the idea of hard-working, honest Midwesterners.

What are your hobbies or what do you like to do on weekends? Right now my life is almost entirely focused on family and work. Still, I manage to do some volunteer work, including serving on the board of the Iowa City Community School District Foundation. I have in the past engaged in hobbies like running (5k, 10K, half-marathons), volleyball, gardening, and reading. Back when I was younger and more athletic, I played lacrosse and roller hockey.

Do you have children? Two girls who do a great deal of dancing—lessons, recitals, and competitions.

Do you have pets? We have two mini-schnauzers who are siblings but different as night and day.

What are some of your favorite books? I've had so many favorites over the years, it's hard to pick. I like history, and found both Band of Brothers and Founding Brothers (and most other books by Ellis) fascinating. I also like science fiction and fantasy, and was fascinated by the Chung Kuo series written by David Wingrove.

What are some of your favorite movies? Again, so many favorites. Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Napoleon Dynamite come to mind. I also have a fondness for movies like Heathers, which is dark and funny, and Amelie, which is strange and moving.

Where were you born? Where have you lived besides Iowa? Born in Texas, grew up in Maryland. Went to graduate school in Michigan.

Countries visited? Quite a few in Europe, perhaps the most interesting of which was Turkey. Most frequently I've been to England, including living there for a semester in college. Finally, over the last year, I have traveled to Australia twice for work and play.