Management and Organizations

Undergraduate Courses in Management & Organizations

Students in the management tracks take courses of study that deal with human resources management, organizational behavior, organizational design, strategic management, and industrial relations. The program is designed to give students a thorough background in these areas as well as an understanding of their application to real-life situations. Specific courses, research projects, and other experiences, such as simulations, are blended to include both theoretical and pragmatic aspects of the field.


MGMT:2008 Career Preparation MGMT:4300 Leadership & Personal Development
MGMT:2000 Introduction to Law MGMT:4000 Topics in Management
MGMT:2100 Introduction to Management MGMT:4350 Strategic Reward Systems
MGMT:3100 Entrepreneurial Strategy MGMT:4900 Academic Internship
MGMT:3200 Individuals, Teams, and Organizations
MGMT:3300 Strategic Human Resource Management ENTR:3200 Entrepreneurial Marketing
MGMT:3400 Law and Ethics in Management ENTR:3400 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
MGMT:#140 Competitive Strategy ENTR:3500 Social Entrepreneurship
MGMT:3900 Training and Developing Human Resources ENTR:3600 E-commerce Strategies for Entrepreneurs
MGMT:4500 International Business Environment ENTR:4400 Managing the Growth Business
MGMT:3500 Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness I ENTR:4100 Practicum in Entrepreneurship
MGMT:3600 Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness II ENTR:4200 Entrepreneurship: Business Consulting
MGMT:4100 Dynamics of Negotiations ENTR:4600 Advanced Venture Finance
MGMT:4001 Introduction to the U.S. Healthcare System ENTR:4300 Advanced Business Planning
MGMT:4200 Staffing Organizations

ENTR:4900 Academic Internship

MGMT:2008(6J:020) Career Preparation
Selected seminar topics relating to career exploration and career management.

MGMT:2000(6J:047) Introduction to Law
General history, structure of law; law's action in guiding changing economic, social patterns.

MGMT:2100(6J:048) Introduction to Management
Principles of management, organizational structure, decision making, leadership, line-staff relationships, administration of organizations.

MGMT:4050(6J:101) Directed Readings in Management & Organizations
Consent of instructor required. An instructor number and approval are required for registration in this course. Contact the instructor (or designated individual) for the instructor number, which you enter as the section number when you register. At the same time, you should make the required semester hours, time, and place arrangements.

MGMT:3100(6J:125) Entrepreneurial Strategy
This integrative course examines entrepreneurial attributes such as innovation, creativity, and opportunity recognition, coupled with managerial attributes such as strategic management, planning, and budgeting, and the synergistic impact these attributes have on all types of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

MGMT:3200(6J:130) Individuals, Teams, and Organizations
Theories of organizational behavior applied to current business trends for individuals, teams, organizations; personality, managing diversity, work-family conflict, self-managed teams, charismatic leadership, work motivation, managing conflict, organizational culture.

MGMT:3300(6J:131) Strategic Human Resource Management
People management activities, policies, and practices that promote effective organizations; how changes in technology, business restructuring, legal and social concerns, other issues affect human resource management.

MGMT:3400(6J:132) Law and Ethics in Management
Laws affecting employers and employees, such as regulatory health and safety policies, unemployment and retirement benefits, and employment discrimination including hiring, termination, testing issues.

MGMT:#140(6J:140) Competitive Strategy
Examines how top managers effectively plan and execute strategies that enable businesses to compete in local and global markets. Through extensive use of case studies, this course develops analytical skills needed to cope with organizational uncertainties and business realities from the perspective of a senior manager.

MGMT:3900(6J:145) Training and Developing Human Resources
Concepts, practices in training and development; strategic issues affecting the design, implementation, and evaluation of trailing programs and of career management and organizational development activities.

MGMT:4500(6J:146) International Business Environment
Differences in international and domestic business; cultural, legal, political factors for managers.

MGMT:#147(6J:147) Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness I
Operational and financing aspects of nonprofit management; mission and governance of organization; strategic planning for effective management, including finance, budget, income generation, fund-raising. Same as MUSM:3600(24:148), 25:177, RELS:3701(32:128), SSW:3600(42:158), 49:176, NURS:3600(96:169).

MGMT:3600(6J:148) Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness II
Qualities for leadership of nonprofit organizations, including relationships with staff and volunteers; relationship of nonprofit and outside world; marketing, public relations, advocacy strategies for nonprofits. Same as MUSM:3600(24:148), 25:177, RELS:3701(32:128), SSW:3600(42:158), 49:176, NURS:3600(96:169).

MGMT:4100(6J:156) Dynamics of Negotiations
Predictable aspects and dynamics of all bargaining experiments; simulations and experiential exercises to foster skills needed to negotiate effectively in almost any situation.

MGMT:4001(6J:159) Introduction to the U.S. Health Care System
Familiarize students with a broad range of management and policy issues facing the U.S. health care system. Covers socioeconomic, political, and environmental forces influencing the organization, financing, management, and delivery of personal and public health services. Health services, policy concepts, terminology are emphasized.

MGMT:4200(6J:160) Staffing and Talent Management
Staffing processes, external influences such as labor markets and the legal environment, support activities such as job analysis and employment planning, and staffing activities such as internal and external recruiting and selection. Prerequisite: MGMT:3300(6J:131).

MGMT:4300(6J:162) Leadership & Personal Development
Practical development and application of leadership and managerial skills to enhance individual and organizational effectiveness. Prerequisites: MGMT:3200(6J:130), MGMT:3300(6J:131), and 90 s.h.

MGMT:4000(6J:168) Topics in Management
Meets with: 6K:191:001. Topics not regularly offered in other courses. Special per code D. 3 credits. To obtain special permission, contact Kevin Felker in W306 PBB.

MGMT:4350(6J:171) Performance Management & Strategic Rewards
Role of pay and other rewards on organizational objectives; compensation's impact on employee behavior and performance; mix of pay and benefits in compensation systems; legal environment regulating pay and benefits; nonmonetary forms of reward. Prerequisite: MGMT:3300(6J:131).

MGMT:4900(6J:199) Academic Internship
Professional internship experience with associated academic content. Repeatable.