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Student Organizations

Members of Women in Business at Tippie Fest

Participating in a student organization will benefit you in many ways. You will:

  • meet new friends and colleagues on a personal level;
  • establish a network of professionals, on and off campus;
  • practice working collaboratively in a team environment;
  • develop leadership and project management experience;
  • demonstrate initiative, commitment, and a service orientation; and
  • build your resume with important qualities highly sought after by employers

The faculty and staff encourage you to find a student organization that aligns with your passions and gives you the opportunity to build on strengths. The investment you make now will pay great dividends for you personally and professionally.

The University of Iowa's Office of Student Life provides information on hundreds of campus organizations at There are more than two dozen organizations listed under the "Service" category alone.

Here at Tippie, there are more than 20 active undergraduate student organizations, including:

Resources for Tippie Student Organizations

Tippie Student Organization Quick Contact List