Management and Organizations

Management and Organizations Faculty

"Students at Iowa are encouraged to work with multiple faculty members on different research projects. This access not only adds breadth to the resources available to Ph.D. students, but it also allows us the freedom to develop our own identities as researchers. By working with different faculty, I hope to develop both the theoretical and methodological expertise necessary to address the questions that I find most meaningful."
—Liz Follmer, 5th year Ph.D. student

"The M&O faculty are not only outstanding mentors and world-recognized scholars in the field, but they're genuine people who are fun and easy to work with. I have meaningful relationships with my advisors that have provided a foundation for me to grow as a researcher."
—Pat Downes, Ph.D. graduate in 2015

The faculty and doctoral students at Iowa partner to create a steady output of research published in top journals, win awards at the national and international level, and write books that become the foundation for Ph.D. curricula across the globe. Each faculty member has a strong commitment to teaching and mentoring Ph.D. students.

The faculty includes top scholars in the areas of personality, meta-analysis, teams, person-environment fit, learning and knowledge transfer, leadership, expatriate management, employee-organization relationships, compensation, selection, employment testing, and human resource strategies.

Included in our faculty are current and past editors and associates of some of the top journals in our field: Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Learning and Education, Journal of Management, Journal of Applied Psychology, and Personnel Psychology. In addition, our faculty members serve on the editorial boards of these journals, as well as Academy of Management Review, Personnel Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Psychological Review, and others.

The Department of Management and Organizations at Iowa has received extensive national recognition. Among our faculty members, we count:

  • Five chaired research professors
  • Four fellows of the American Psychological Association
  • A Sloan Foundation fellow
  • Two winners of Distinguished Scientific Contribution Awards from the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology
  • A winner of the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award from the American Psychological Association
  • A winner of the Cummings Early to Mid-Career Scholarly Achievement Award from the Organizational Behavior Division of the Academy of Management
  • A winner of the McCormick Early Career Achievement Award from Division 14 of the American Psychological Association
  • Past presidents of the Society for Judgment and Decision Making, and Division 5 (Measurement, Statistics, and Evaluation) of the American Psychological Association
  • Multiple faculty and graduate student teaching awards
  • Three S. Rains Wallace Dissertation Awards from the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology