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Job-Market Candidates

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Economics Ph.D. Candidates Seeking Positions, 2009-10
David DeGeest CV

David DeGeest

Research Interests: Individual differences (personality and goal orientation); person-environment fit; research methods; entrepreneurship

Teaching Interests: Negotiations; organizational behavior; introduction to management

Dissertation: Masters, Showoffs, and Slackers: The Effects of Goal Orientation Congruence and Similarity on Positive and Negative Contributions to Team Effectiveness

Dissertation Committee: Amy Kristof-Brown (chair), Michael K. Mount, Kenneth G. Brown, Amy Colbert, Ning Li

Contact: / 319-335-1814 (office) / 319-594-2686 (cell)

Brian McCormick CV

Brian McCormick

Research Interests: Leadership and interpersonal influence; individual differences and human performance

Teaching Interests: Introductory or advanced OB/HR courses at the undergraduate or graduate level

Dissertation: Proactive Interpersonal Influence Tactics: Leadership Precedent in Teams

Dissertation Committee: Amy Colbert (chair), Kenneth G. Brown, Ning Li, Sara Rynes-Weller, Greg Stewart

Contact: / 815-238-8953 (cell)

Abigail Pierotti CV

Abigail Pierotti

Research Interests: Career decision making; interpersonal work relationships; team incentives

Teaching Interests: Talent management; staffing and selection; reward systems; general management

Dissertation: Stressful Workplace Relationships: How Did This Happen? A Qualitative and Quantitative Exploration

Dissertation Committee: Maria Kraimer (chair), Kenneth G. Brown, Eean Crawford, Amy Colbert, Scott Seibert

Contact: / 814-598-4938 (cell)