Management and Organizations


We commit to funding all students making satisfactory progress toward the completion of their degree for five years. This funding is typically a combination of fellowship money (with no work-related requirements attached) and TA or RA money (with designated work responsibilities). We work diligently to secure fellowship funding for students whenever possible. These include, but are not limited to, the following fellowships from the Graduate College: Recruitment Fellowships, Post-Comprehensive Research Awards, Ballard-Seashore Dissertation Fellowships, and Summer Research Awards. Additional external funding is sometimes available in the form of grants on specific faculty research projects.

The remainder of our nine-month academic-year funding is generally in the form of teaching assistantships, in either 10-hour (25%) or 20-hour (50%) assignments to specific classes. We will work one-on-one with the student to develop a plan of teaching that will allow for successful development and demonstration of teaching capabilities prior to entering the job market. This typically will include a progression from leading discussion sections in Introduction to Management (6J:048), to serving as a TA in courses such as Individuals, Teams and Organizations (6J:130), Human Resource Management (6J:131), or Negotiations (6J:156). Occasionally opportunities may be available to TA for an MBA-level class in either the Full-time MBA or PMBA programs. The student is then generally ready to step into teaching a standalone course in the class or related classes to those that he or she was a TA for in the past. We recommend that students teach two distinct standalone classes during their time in the Ph.D. program in order to be best prepared for their first academic appointment.

To further support our students' learning and research (as resources are available) the department will provide:

  1. Summer funding through fellowships as available, as well as additional teaching opportunities when they are available.
  2. Payment of student membership dues to our professional organizations (Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology and the Academy of Management) for the student's first two years in the program.
  3. Funding for doctoral student travel to national conferences (i.e., SIOP and AOM) when they are presenting papers or on the job market at those conferences. In addition, we will support additional opportunities for Research Methods and Teaching training when possible (i.e., CARMA summer/winter sessions; case teaching seminars), according to the Ph.D. Student Travel Policy (see below).
  4. A $2,500 research budget based on successful completion of the various milestones in the program. This budget may be used at the discretion of the student for funding research projects, paying for professional memberships past Year 2, and journal subscriptions. This budget is awarded as follows:
    • Successful completion of Comprehensive Exams: $750
    • Successful completion of the Third-Year Paper: $750
    • Successful defense of the Dissertation Proposal: $1,000

Ph.D. Student Travel Policy

During any 12-month period, students can receive funding for up to two trips that meet the following parameters:

  • Students who are presenting peer-reviewed research papers at the national meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM) or Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP).
  • Students who are "on the market" at the AOM conference in August for that year's academic job market.
  • Students who are attending an approved research methods or teaching seminar or additional research meeting (such as APA or a specialized research conference).

These students are eligible to receive available funding to be applied to transportation, registration, and lodging costs. If students wish to attend additional conferences or seminars that require travel, they can use available funds in their personal research accounts or apply for Graduate Student Conference Travel Awards available elsewhere on campus.

Current students and alumni
Current students and alumni gathered at the 2015 Academy of Management Meetings in Vancouver. It is common for the students and alumni to organize a social dinner during conferences, such as the AoM and SIOP meetings.