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Graduates from the Ph.D. program in M&O span the globe.

Ph.D. Program in Management & Organizations

"The people associated with the Ph.D. program here at the University of Iowa are actively engaged in the lives and development of Ph.D. students. Faculty members, the Ph.D. students who have been in the program for a couple years, and other associated program personnel all consistently demonstrate an interest in the lives of new Ph.D. students and offer guidance and support where needed. Moreover, many peripheral activities take place beyond the classroom that greatly benefit Ph.D. students: research seminars attended with faculty, informal and formal luncheons and dinners with faculty, and a guest lecturer series that exposes students to other perspectives."
—Brian McCormick, recent Ph.D. graduate

Iowa's Ph.D. program in management and organizations (M&O) emphasizes individuals and teams as integral components in successful 21st-century organizations. M&O faculty are leaders in the areas of micro-organizational behavior (OB) and human resource management (HRM), gaining worldwide recognition for impactful research and leading the top journals in our field. Among our faculty are some of the "most published authors" in the two leading industrial-organizational psychology journals, the Journal of Applied Psychology and Personnel Psychology, as well as the current editor of Academy of Management Learning & Education and a former editor of Academy of Management Journal, the premier pedagogical and empirical journals in management.


The mission of Iowa's Ph.D. program in M&O is to train future scholars for placement in top research and teaching universities. We develop our students to conduct the highest quality applied research, teach to standards of excellence, and be active participants in their local and professional organizations. Graduates of our program are placed in tenure-track positions at accredited universities around the world, where they continue to engage in top-level scholarship, teaching, and service.

Recent News

Faculty Named Influential Scholars

M&O faculty ranked third (behind Harvard and Minnesota and tied with Rutgers) in a list of Influential Scholars in the Field of Management, ranked by the Academy of Management Perspectives. Six M&O faculty members were listed among the 384 most influential scholars, and three faculty members were listed in the top 83 who received their degrees since 1991.

Professor Eean Crawford

Professor Eean Crawford was awarded the 2014 Scholarly Achievement Award from the Human Resources Division of the Academy of Management. This award recognizes the most significant article published in the HR field and was awarded to him and his co-authors (Tim Judge, Jessica B. Rodell, Ryan L. Klinger, Lauren S. Simon) for their publication titled "Hierarchical representations of the five-factor model of personality in predicting job performance: Integrating three organizing frameworks with two theoretical perspectives” in Journal of Applied Psychology (2013) 98: 875-925.

Ken Brown

Professor Ken Brown was awarded the 2014 Innovative Teaching Award from the Human Resources Division of the Academy of Management. This award is given to an individual who has developed an innovative teaching method or disseminated a new approach in the teaching of human resource management.


In-Sue Oh

Alumnus and Professor In-Sue Oh was awarded the Early Career Achievement Award from the Human Resources Division of the Academy of Management.  This award recognizes an early career researcher who has made distinguished contributions to the HR field.  In-Sue Oh graduated from Iowa’s Ph.D. program in 2009 and is currently an associate professor at Temple University. He has more than 30 peer-reviewed publications on personality, selection, and research methods.