Management and Organizations


PhD graduates, May 2016
2016 graduates:
Sheryl Walter, Lindsey Greco, and Elizabeth Follmer

Our Ph.D. program places students in a wide variety of academic positions. We work to provide students with the range of opportunities that will allow them to graduate in five years and take a position in the type of school that best fits their professional and personal goals.

We believe it is important to publish the full range of places where students have accepted positions, not just those in top research universities.

We are proud of all of our students who have completed their Ph.D. degrees and moved on to their professional careers.

Placements in Last 5 Years

Name Institution
Elizabeth Follmer University of Massachusetts
Lindsey Greco Oklahoma State University
Sheryl Walter Indiana University
Pat Downes Rutgers University
Erik Gonzalez-Mule Indiana University
Andy Hosmanek University of Iowa
Cody Reeves Brigham Young University
Hailin Zhao University of Hong Kong
David DeGeest University of Groeningen, The Netherlands
Brian McCormick Northern Illinois University
Abby Pierotti Deloitte Consulting, Washington, D.C.
Daejeong Choi University of Melbourne, Australia
Steve Charlier Quinipiac University
Steve Courtright Texas A&M University

All Other Student Placements

Name Institution
Steve Barr Oklahoma State University
Terry Bishop Northern Illinois University
Joyce Bono University of Minnesota
Bret Bradley University of Oklahoma
Kevin Carlson Virginia Tech University
Dan Caprar Australian School of Business
Carol Carnevale Empire State College
Manmohan Chaubey Indiana University of PA
David Chown Mankato State University
Amy Colbert University of Notre Dame
Mary Connerley Virginia Tech University
Todd Darnold Creighton University
Arthur Darrow Bowling Green State University
James Davis University of Notre Dame
Satish Deshpande Western Michigan University
Wendy Dunn Coe College
Susan Dustin Southern Illinois University
James Fenton Jr. Francis Marion College
Cindy Fobian Willham University of Iowa
Crissie Frye Eastern Michigan State University
Megan Gerhardt Miami University of Ohio
Tamara Giluk Xavier University
Rusty Guay University of Northern Iowa
Lynn Harland University of Nebraska
Chad Higgins University of Washington
D. Lynn Hoffman University of Northern Colorado
Yeon-Ang Jeong Chung-Ang University
Erin Johnson University of Iowa
Mark Johnson Idaho State University
Jacob Joseph University of Alaska
Michael Judiesch Baruch College
Jon Kalinowski Mankato State University
Ahmad Karim Indiana University
Gundars Kaupins Boise State University
Sarosh Kuruvilla Cornell University
Barbara Larew Coe College
Kristy Lauver University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Kenneth Law Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Marya Leatherwood University of Illinois
Jin K. Lee Korea University
Bonnie (Lindemann) Leonhardt Lindemann Research Services
Paramasivam Manogran National Institute of Public Administration-Kuala Lumpur
Brian McNatt University of Georgia
Megan Mowrey Clemson University
Amit Nandkeolyar Indian School of Business
Mitch Neubert Baylor University
In-Sue Oh University of Alberta
Deniz Ones University of Minnesota
Marc Orlitzky Australian Graduate School of Management
Judi Parks Washington University-St. Louis
Laura Parks James Madison University
Gregory Patton University of North Dakota
Ben Postlethwaite Pepperdine University
Christine Quinn Trank Texas Tech University
Kathy Ready University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Craig Russell Louisiana State University
Steve Scullen North Carolina State University
Michael Segalla HEC School of Management, Paris
Jonathon Shaffer West Texas A&M University
Faye Smith Oklahoma State University
Judy Strauss CA State University-Long Beach
Carl Thoresen Tulane University
Craig Tunwall Utica College of Syracuse University
Mary Van Sell Oakland University
C. Viswesvaran Florida International University
Gang Wang University of Idaho
Paul Wilhelm University of Texas-El Paso
Janet Witte Pioneer Hi-Bred International
Kuh Yoon Sejoong Consulting Co. Ltd.
Ryan Zimmerman Texas A&M University