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New Tracks

Management majors now have three tracks from which to choose.

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The business of business is people

Majoring in Management & Organizations

The management major prepares students for a variety of positions in business, government, nonprofit institutions, and education. Employment opportunities for management graduates are found in general management, consulting, personnel management, entrepreneurial organizations, and dispute resolution.

Three new tracks are now available for management majors (these were first offered in spring 2011): Entrepreneurial Management, Human Resource Management, and Leadership and Management. The name of the track will appear on your transcript.

Our Strategy for Your Success

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to preparing our majors for rewarding careers in management and organizational development. We accomplish this through:

  • Demonstrating integrity and ethical behavior
  • Connecting with our students—understanding their unique talents and goals
  • Experiential, engaging, and student-centered learning
  • Partnering with state and local organizations (private, public, government, and nonprofit) to offer real-world experiences and opportunities to students
  • Linking students to relevant and helpful resources to develop professional skills and assist in career planning
  • Coaching and mentoring students—one-on-one and advising student organizations
  • Maintaining a stimulating and challenging learning environment
  • Renowned faculty participating in leading-edge research