Management Sciences

BAIS Electives

A student majoring in BAIS must select at least one elective but is encouraged to select as many as possible in order to be better prepared for work in the industry. Students in one track may choose a core course from the other nonselected track (e.g., a business analytics track student may choose a core course in the information systems track as an elective).

Elective Courses

6K:178/MSCI:3800 Optimization & Simulation Modeling
Students learn to leverage data and apply spreadsheet optimization and simulation software to guide decision making for business problems in finance, marketing, and supply chain management. Students also learn to model uncertainty and quantify risk via Monte Carlo simulation and improve decision making via optimization methods.

6K:180/MSCI:3100 Applied Information Systems
Framework of accounting information systems by combining knowledge about the accounting transaction cycles, information technology, and business process design. Specific topics include identifying, modeling, and describing business processes using the REA methodology; applying concepts of relational database management systems to business/accounting issues; and identifying and evaluating appropriate uses of technology for a business process.

6K:186/MSCI:4220 Database Management & Web Services
Advanced conceptual and logical design, Advanced SQL, PL/SQL, DB administration, web database access; integration of databases and web services to create interactive apps.

6K:188/MSCI:4280 Computer Networks & Security
Introductory course on data and network security and techniques to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and assets; information assurance including introductory concepts, physical security, access controls, attacks, and defenses; management issues surrounding information security as well as current topics and ethical scenarios. Throughout the class we frequently change perspectives from the IT administrator, to the CEO, to the casual home user, to the hacker.

22C:016/CS:1210 Computer Science I: Fundamentals
Introduction to programming using Python; programming constructs, data types, problem-solving strategies, data structures, object-oriented programming.