Management Sciences

Faculty Research

Kurt Anstreicher

Samuel Burer

Ann Campbell

Renato de Matta
  • University of Iowa Study says low taxes just one of many factors needed for global economic development (Tippie Webpage Posting) More to job creation than taxes (Des Moines Business Record, Corrigdor Business Journal), Des Moines Business Record, Corrigdor Business Journal, 2012
  • Consumer Influence On Product Variety Decisions, ICMIT 2010 Conference Proceedings, 2010
  • Channel Coordination in a Consignment Contract, European Journal of Operational Research, vol 207, 2010, 897-905

Gary Fethke

Raj Jagannathan
  • Pricing Credit-Rated Defaultable Coupon Bonds, International Review of Applied Financial Issues and Economics, vol 3, 2011, 274-593
  • A Class of Asset Pricing Models Governed by Subordinated Processes that Signal Economic Shocks, JEDC, vol 32, 2008, 3820-3845

Philip Jones

Johannes Ledolter
  • George Box’s Contributions to Time Series Analysis and Forecasting, Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, vol 30, 2014, 25-36
  • Borrowing the Best from Industrial Process Control for Detecting Progression of Eye Disease: CUSUM Charts for Assessing the Visual Field and Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness, Translational Vision Science & Technology, vol 2, 2013, 1-9
  • Forecasting State Unemployment Rates: A Robust Clustering Approach, Journal of Forecasting, vol 32, 2013, 673-684

Qihang Lin

Timothy Lowe
  • The Hub Covering Flow Problem, Journal of Operational Research Society, vol 64, 2013, 973-981
  • The Impact of Non-Agility on Service Level and Project Duration, Decision Science, vol 43, 2012, 957-971
  • A Continuous-time Examination of End-of-life Parts Acquisition With Limited Customer Information, Engineering Economist, vol 57, 2012, 284-301

Jeffrey Ohlmann

Gautam Pant

Padmini Srinivasan
  • Stock chatter: Using stock sentiment to predict price direction, Journal of Algorithmic Finance, vol 2, 2014, 169-196
  • Status Locality on the Web: Implications for Building Focused Collections, Information Systems Research, vol 24, 2013, 802-821
  • Quality through flow and immersion: gamifying crowdsourced relevance assessments, SIGIR '12 Proceedings of the 35th international ACM SIGIR conference on Research and development in information retrieval, 2012, 871-880

Nick Street
  • Stock chatter: Using stock sentiment to predict price direction, Journal of Algorithmic Finance, vol 2, 2014, 169-196
  • A graphical model for multi-relational social network analysis, ICML Workshop on Structured Learning, 2013
  • Speeding up correlation search for binary data, Pattern Recognition Letters, vol 34, 2013, 1499-1507

Barrett Thomas

Kang Zhao