Management Sciences

Management Sciences for MBA Students


Data is accumulating in the cloud, in your data warehouse, on your laptop. Never has it been so abundant yet so underutilized.

Learn more about Tippie's new five-course Business Analytics Certificate and how you can transform data into insightful decisions.

MBA students in the Tippie School of Management enter into the program to gain an interdisciplinary foundation that develops competency in general management skills and key functional areas of business.

To be an effective leader in today's business world, it is crucial that professionals have a competent grasp of how technology can assist, improve and accelerate any business plan. The MBA courses in management sciences provide tomorrow's business leaders with the tools to apply information technologies as a strategic lever for gaining and maintaining competitive advantage in business.

While some courses are part of the core MBA curriculum, the Department of Management Sciences also offers several electives that provide exposure to problem-solving tools and techniques that have become essential to success in today's business world.