Management Sciences

Courses for MBA Students

MBA:8150 (6N:216) Data and Decisions
Introduction to techniques of quantitative modeling, and statistical analysis for management decision making. A unifying element of the course is the use of Excel to perform various kinds of analysis in a spreadsheet environment. Major topics include decision analysis, statistical inference, regression, and linear programming. The course also develops required background material in probability.

MSCI:9110 (6K:217) Data and Decisions II
Advanced quantitative analysis techniques with management applications; multiple regression, time series, monte-carlo simulation, and linear, nonlinear, and discrete optimization; emphasis on spreadsheet-based modeling.

MSCI:9220 (6K:220) Introduction to Information Systems
Effective ways for business firms to harness the power of information technology for strategic purposes conventional and emerging architectures of information systems; integrated perspective on structural relationships among IT components; emphasis on case studies.

MSCI:#221 (6K:221) Managing Information Technology
Effective management of information systems; focus on managerial issues rather than underlying technologies.

MSCI:9225 (6K:223) Management of E-Commerce Systems
Familiarizes students with current and emerging electronic commerce technologies using the Internet. Topics include Internet technology for business advantage, managing electronic commerce funds transfer, reinventing the future of business through electronic commerce, business opportunities in electronic commerce, electronic commerce website design, business plans for technology ventures, and social, political, and ethical issues associated with electronic commerce. The course educates a new generation of managers, planners, analysts, and programmers of the realities and potential for electronic commerce. Text and cases will be integrated to help managers better direct the e-commerce process. Technologies that underlie an e-commerce venture will be discussed. An online storefront may be built by student teams.

MSCI:9210 (6K:227) Introduction to Modeling with VBA
Students learn to use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Microsoft Excel. We explore basic programming concepts in VBA, macros, and models for decision making in finance, marketing, operations, and accounting. No prior programming experience is required.

MSCI:9230 (6K:230) Database Systems
Theories and methodologies for semantic, logical, and physical database design; entity/relationship diagrams and their mapping to database schemas; normalization; languages for relational database systems, including relational algebra, Structured Query Language, query by example; query optimization and index selection; database and view creation, query and update processing; form and report design; practice with commercial DBMS products; integrity, security, concurrency control, transaction recovery.

MSCI:9240 (6K:234) Information Knowledge Management
Techniques and tools to automatically find, filter, and capture online information, organizing knowledge that can help meet the needs of companies, organizations, and individuals.

MSCI:#237 (6K:237) E-Commerce Tools I
Technical tools necessary for e-commerce; active server pages, VBScript, and Javascript; construction of a prototype e-commerce site.

MSCI:9250 (6K:238) Data Mining and Marketing
Data mining and knowledge discovery as applied to marketing, with emphasis on customer relationship management; predictive modeling, data reduction, association rules.

MSCI:9185 (6K:285) Project Management
Prepares students to effectively manage projects and project portfolios. Includes coverage of project selection, project planning and budgeting, scheduling, resource allocation, and project control. Includes integration of project planning tools including project management software.

MSCI:9120 (6K:292) Supply Chain Management
Design, operation, and management of a logistics system; design of production/service and warehousing systems, including distribution channel selection, inventory, transportation, customer partnering. Prerequisite: 6N:229 Operations Management.

MSCI:9140 (6K:294) Rapid Continuous Improvement
Hands-on experience working on rapid continuous improvement (RCI) teams sponsored by industrial affiliates of the Tippie College involved in using RCI.

MSCI:9160 (6K:296) Service OM
Major issues that represent great challenges for managers of service operations in the pure service sector (e.g., legal, banking, travel and tourism, health care, etc.).