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  • Is Batman v Superman Set to be a Flop? (2/16/16)

    It is perhaps the most eagerly awaited comic superhero films of the year and with a budget of more than $200 million (£140 million), it will also be one of the most expensive.

  • Predicting Box Office Boffo or Bomb (2/10/16)

    With its $200 million budget, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will be one of the most expensive movies ever made when it’s released next month, and Warner Bros. has a lot riding on its success.

  • They Don't Know How to Quit (12/14/15)

    “We retirees spent years and years developing these skills, honing our expertise and building relationships with people around the world, so it’s hard to just set it aside,” explains Irwin, professor emeritus in marketing and psychology.

  • A Strategy for the Future (12/14/15)

    Analytics data sheets The college’s strategic plan builds on its strengths and opportunities. Tippie’s Department of Management Sciences knew of the need among its corporate partners for employees with business analytics skills. What’s more, the department knew it was poised to satisfy that business need — it had the right faculty of mathematicians, engineers, statisticians, and computer scientists who could deliver the educational program that would educate a workforce with strong business analytics skills.

  • Obermann Center Grant to Xun Zhou (12/10/15)

    Xun Zhou, assistant professor of management sciences, and Zubhair Shafiq in computer science, received a 2016 Obermann Center for Advanced Studies Interdisiplinary Research Grant. Their project is entitled "Heterogeneous Network Data Analytics to Improve Urban Sustainability.”

  • Nick Street Beats the Odds by Understanding Them (10/12/15)

    Appearing on the front page of 'The Des Moines Register' on Aug. 3 is just one of the many fortunate events that have marked the life of Dr. Nick Street, professor of management sciences at the University of Iowa. Street understands statistics. Therefore he also knows there are some outcomes that cannot be predicted.

  • Big Data is 'Big-Time Growing' at University of Iowa (8/6/15)

    Students working on analytics at Cedar Rapids facilityEvery time you swipe a credit card, someone somewhere records that. Every time you click on a website, it’s tabulated. Biomedical scientists today are capable of tracking intricate genetic behavior.

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