Undergraduate Courses

MKTG:3000(6M:100) Introduction to Marketing Strategy
Philosophy and activities of marketing; marketing environment of an organization; strategies with respect to marketing decisions, buyer behavior; spreadsheet analysis of marketing problems. Prerequisites: MKTG:#001(6M:001) and junior standing.

MKTG:4050(6M:101) Directed Readings in Marketing
Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

MKTG:3600(6M:102) Career Preparation in Marketing
Provides an overview of different careers in marketing. Guest speakers will discuss how they have developed, evaluated, and implemented marketing strategies, incorporated research on buyer behavior into marketing decisions, and how they have identified appropriate research methodologies, analytical tools, and technologies for addressing marketing problems. Lectures will present supplemental information about the relationship of marketing to other business/organizational functions and the relationship between marketing and the external environment. It is highly recommended that this course be taken early in the major. Prerequisite: MKTG:3000(6M:100).

MKTG:3300(6M:105) Web Business Strategy
Introduction to web business and marketing; concepts, methods, and applications associated with doing business on the web; webpage construction and design; case studies and/or entrepreneurial projects. Prerequisite: MKTG:3000(6M:100).

MKTG:3400(6M:107) Retail Strategies
Strategies for retail site selection, store design, supply chain management, customer relationship management/customer service; merchandising management strategies for planning merchandise assortments, buying systems, buying merchandise, pricing, promotion. Prerequisite: MKTG:3000(6M:100).

MKTG:3500(6M:125) Direct Marketing Strategies
Principles and processes of direct and database marketing; insight into the requirements for building a customer-based marketing strategy. Prerequisite: MKTG:3000(6M:100).

MKTG:3100(6M:134) Marketing Research
Marketing, research methods; role of marketing research information as a tool in management decision making. Prerequisites: MKTG:#071(6M:071) and MKTG:3000(6M:100).

MKTG:3200(6M:135) Consumer Behavior
Behavioral and social aspects of marketing; research methods and findings from behavioral sciences, their relation to production, consumption, and marketing of products, services. Prerequisite: MKTG:3000(6M:100).

MKTG:4100(6M:137) Advertising Theory
Advertising as a promotional force; emphasis on theory, planning, resulting strategic and tactical decisions made by advertising executives. Prerequisite: MKTG:3000(6M:100).

MKTG:4200(6M:139) Sales Management
Personal selling, management of sales force; emphasis on recruitment, selection, training of sales representatives; problems in allocation of sales effort, supervision, control. Prerequisite: MKTG:3000(6M:100).

MKTG:4500(6M:147) Marketing Management
Marketing problems of organizations; emphasis on marketing manager's role in developing and presenting goal-oriented marketing strategies; application of marketing concepts to real business situations. Prerequisites: MKTG:3000(6M:100), MKTG:3100(6M:134), MKTG:3200(6M:135), a marketing elective numbered above MKTG:3000(6M:100), and senior standing.

MKTG:4300(6M:151) International Marketing
Differences in global environment; how cultural considerations, political, legal, and economic conditions affect market entry strategies and marketing mix decisions; development of marketing plan for non-U.S. environments. Prerequisite: MKTG:3000(6M:100).

MKTG:4000(6M:190) Contemporary Topics in Marketing
Topics not regularly offered in other courses. Prerequisites: MKTG:3000(6M:100) and consent of instructor.

MKTG:4800(6M:197) Field Studies in Marketing
Experience in planning, designing, carrying out, reporting on a marketing research project for a profit or nonprofit client organization; communication with managers, application of marketing research, meeting deadlines, converting research findings into action recommendations for management. Prerequisites: MKTG:3000(6M:100), MKTG:3100(6M:134), and consent of instructor.

MKTG:4900(6M:199) Academic Internship
Professional internship experience with associated academic content. May be repeated. Prerequisite: consent of department chair.