Faculty Research

Catherine Cole

Gary Gaeth

Thomas Gruca

William Hedgcock
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  • Clicking Their Way to Success: Using Student Response Systems as a Tool for Feedback, Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education, vol 22, 2014, 16-25
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Sang Hak Lee
  • Price Promotions in Choice Models, Marketing Science, vol 35, 2016, 319-334
  • Modeling Indivisible Demand, Marketing Science, vol 33, 2014, 364-381
  • A Direct Utility Model for Asymmetric Complements, Marketing Science, vol 32, 2013, 454-470

Dhananjay Nayakankuppam
  • Knowledge Does Not Necessarily Make the Heart Grow Fonder: The Moderating Role of Knowledge on Accessibility Experiences, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2013
  • Holistic thinking increases perceived importance of social values: Sustainable behavior as a function of holistic thinking, , 2013
  • Market Mechanisms Protect the Vulnerable Brain, Neuropsychologia, vol 49, 2011, 2533-2540

Gary Russell

Jing Wang
  • The Effects of Age and Expertise on Product Evaluations: Does the Type of Information Matter?, Management Science, 2015
  • How Time Horizon Perceptions and Relationship Deficits Affect Impulsive Consumption, Journal of Marketing Research, vol 50, 2013, 590-605
  • Unveiling the Underlying Mechanism for the Matching Effect between Construal Levels and Message Frames, Proceedings of the SCP 2012 Winter Conference, 2012

Ying Yang