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Student Admission & Application

Each year, approximately 15 top undergraduate students, primarily marketing majors, are chosen for the Marketing Institute. Students are selected on the basis of their academic performance, leadership, interpersonal skills, and executive potential. We work with these students for the remainder of their academic careers to prepare them for careers in the field of marketing.

All applicants must have completed MKTG: 3000 (6M:100) Introduction to Marketing Strategy prior to applying for entry into the institute. Furthermore, we highly suggest that applicants are enrolled or have completed the following courses: MKTG: 3100 (6M:134) Marketing Research, MKTG: 3200 (6M:135) Consumer Behavior, and MKTG: 3600 Professional Preparation in Marketing. Note: A student must have 3 semesters remaining prior to graduation (this is a 3-semester course).

To apply to the Marketing Institute, contact us or stop by S259 PBB during office hours.


Spring Semester

Once admitted to the institute, students register for MKTG: 4000 (6M:190) Scholars Seminar (2 s.h.) in the spring semester. This course focuses on development and training of professional skills today's employers demand such:

  • Critical thinking
  • Creative problem solving
  • Data analysis
  • Business communication
  • Business writing
  • Business etiquette
  • Business presentations
  • Networking
  • Resume writing and interviewing
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

Additionally, executives from leading corporations visit the classroom to share their career experiences and provide advice to the students.

Fall Semester

During the fall semester, students register for a 3 s.h. Scholars Seminar section of 6M:196 Field Studies in Marketing. This is a major cornerstone of the Marketing Institute. Field immersion projects focus on the many aspects of marketing, particularly developing critical-thinking and creative problem-solving skills of the students. Under the guidance of the director of the Marketing Institute, students work in assigned teams to solve a business problem(s) a participating business organization is facing. Student teams meet on site at their assigned client's office to kick off the project and develop an agreement on project expectations and deliverables. Each team consists of four students for each field project client. This course counts as a marketing elective.

Field immersion projects give the students the opportunity to work like a high-performance business team and to translate their research and findings into ideas and recommendations to the client. Projects typically last one semester and conclude with a formal presentation by the student team to their assigned client.

Final Semester

Students may elect to continue working on their assigned field project from the fall if a project client needs assistance in the execution of project recommendations. Otherwise, students will continue to polish their skills through a variety of work that may include further field project work, participating as a member on a project or case study, participating as a member on a project or case study cosponsored with the MBA program or another internal Tippie College of Business partner. During the final semester, students are also seeking internships and employment opportunities through sponsoring business partners.