Graduate Courses in Marketing

MKTG:9000(6M:201) Directed Readings in Marketing
Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

MKTG:9210(6M:205) Web Business Strategy
Introduction to web business and marketing; concepts, methods, and applications associated with doing business on the web; webpage construction and design; case studies and/or entrepreneurial projects. Prerequisite: MKTG:#211(6M:211).

MKTG:9150(6M:223) Brand Management
Strategies for building, leveraging, and defending brands; principles of consumer behavior, how they relate to building brand identity and equity; branding of consumer goods and services. Prerequisite: MKTG:#211(6M:211).

MKTG:9180(6M:225) Direct Marketing Strategies
Principles and processes of direct and database marketing; insight into the requirements for building a customer-based marketing strategy. Prerequisite: MKTG:#211(6M:211).

MKTG:9110(6M:227) Category Management
Marketing strategy related to manufacturing product line interactions, retailer product assortment, consumer response; category definition, product line pricing and branding, cross-category promotions, channel coordination, efficient consumer response, loyalty programs, database marketing. Prerequisite: MKTG:#211(6M:211).

MKTG:9115/6M:228 Cases in Marketing Strategy
Discussion of marketing cases that cover topics currently not offered in other marketing electives.  Prerequisite: MKTG:#211(6M:211).

MKTG:9120/6M:229 Customer Relationship Management
Analytical approaches to customer relationship management; issues, techniques, and terminology associated with database marketing and data mining; analysis of customer databases; assessing lifetime valuation (LTV) of customers, identifying "high potential" customers, estimating return on marketing investment, building predictive models to estimate the probability of response to a marketing campaign. Prerequisite: MKTG:#211(6M:211).

MKTG:9020(6M:230) Marketing Research Methods
Managerial applications of marketing research techniques, including methods of design, analysis, interpretation of marketing research studies; assessing value of information, sampling, sources of bias, instrument construction, interpretation of scanner data, geodemographic data, applications of integrated research systems. Prerequisites: MKTG:#211(6M:211) and MKTG:#216(6M:216).

MKTG:9170(6M:231) Business to Business Marketing
Industrial buyer behavior, buyer-seller relationships, interactive product policy and market segmentation, distribution and selling systems; skill development in market strategy formulation for industrial products and services, and in solving problems and making decisions about industrial marketing. Prerequisite: MKTG:#211(6M:211).

MKTG:9030(6M:232) Buyer Behavior
Behavior of consumers and industrial buyers; research methods and findings from behavioral sciences applied to production, consumption, and marketing of products, services; application of consumer behavior concepts to managerial decision making. Prerequisite: MKTG:#211(6M:211).

MKTG:9160(6M:233) Service Marketing
Production, consumption, and marketing of services; solutions to problems faced by service managers; development of an organizational marketing system for delivery of quality service. Prerequisite: MKTG:#211(6M:211).

MKTG:9130(6M:234) Product Management
Techniques of new product development; idea generation, concept screening, product design, market testing, forecasting, brand management strategies within the firm. Prerequisites: MKTG:#211(6M:211) and MKTG:#216(6M:216).

MKTG:9190(6M:235) International Marketing
Domestic versus international perspective; identification and evaluation of opportunities and risks in non-U.S. markets; research problems in global markets; effects of international organizations, foreign exchange, macroeconomic policies, local law, and cultural differences on consumer behavior and marketing decisions; multinational versus global marketing strategies (entry, product adaptation, channel logistics, pricing, promotion); emphasis on practical applications. Prerequisite: MKTG:#211(6M:211).

MKTG:9140(6M:236) Advertising and Promotional Strategy
Marketing communications as dialogue between producers and consumers, how promotional mix evolves; emphasis on advertising, sales promotion, branding. Prerequisite: MKTG:#211(6M:211).

MKTG:9200(6M:237) Field Studies in Marketing
Experience in planning, designing, carrying out, reporting on a marketing research project for a profit or nonprofit client organization; communication with managers, application of marketing research, meeting deadlines, converting research findings into action recommendations for management. May be repeated. Prerequisites: MKTG:#211(6M:211) and MKTG:#216(6M:216). Recommended: MKTG:#230(6M:230).

MKTG:9010(6M:238) Contemporary Topics in Marketing
Topics not regularly offered in other courses. Prerequisites: 6M:211 and graduate standing.

MKTG:7850(6M:242) Seminar in Marketing Models—Ph.D.
Theoretical, operational models in marketing, with emphasis on recent advances; in-depth criticism of models, participation in model development project. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

MKTG:7800(6M:243) Seminar in Consumer Behavior—Ph.D.
Key facets of consumer behavior--information processing, perception, memory, learning, attitude formation, attitude change, decision making, emotion; behavioral research methods. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

MKTG:7900(6M:245) Seminar in Research Topics—Ph.D.
Individual research topics. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

MKTG:7950(6M:247) Directed Readings in Marketing—Ph.D.
Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

MKTG:7975(6M:290) Thesis in Marketing
Prerequisite: consent of instructor.