M. Bhanu Murthy Memorial Prize for Excellence in Teaching

M. Bhanu Murthy was a Ph.D. student and teaching assistant in the Department of Marketing. Murthy entered the program in 1982 with a distinguished academic record earned in the Republic of India. Holder of a Ponder Graduate Fellowship, Murthy excelled in his studies and teaching of 6M:100, Introduction to Marketing, at Iowa. Tragically, he contracted an acute form of leukemia and died in the summer of 1983.

The Department of Marketing created this award to honor his memory and to express the department’s commitment to the highest standards of teaching. Undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty members, as well as Murthy’s former employer in India, Godrej and Boyce, donated to fund the award.

The teaching assistants for 6M:100 are responsible for discussion leadership, homework grading, and guidance in paper preparation. They serve to personalize, in small sections, a large introductory course serving 1,300-1,400 students per year. Selected by personal interview and audition from the ranks of Ph.D. and MBA students, the teaching assistants have primary responsibility for two to three sections of the course.

Awardees are recommended on the basis of anonymous course and instructor evaluations. Also important are additional handwritten comments that have invariably praised the enthusiasm, knowledge, energy, and rapport of the prizewinners.

The award winners scattered throughout the United States, from Vermont to Los Angeles, and several Murthy Prize recipients already have achieved distinction in academic and corporate life. Many have commented positively on what the teaching experience and award have meant to their careers and lives.

Through the annual awarding of the Murthy Prize, the Department of Marketing is proud to honor and reaffirm the University’s commitment to teaching as a primary mission.

Past Recipients of the M. Bhanu Murthy Memorial Prize for Excellence in Teaching

David Harman April 28, 2015
JaeHwan Kwon April 28, 2014
Kyle Bogler May 9, 2013
Andrew Wiese April 20, 2012
Frederico Kopittke May 6, 2011
Yun Lee April 30, 2010
Megan O'Rourke May 6, 2009
Suzanne (Beth) Bellman May 2, 2008
Kyuseop Kwak April 13, 2007
Robert Rouwenhorst May 5, 2006
Robert Rouwenhorst April 29, 2005
Robert Hillman April 29, 2005
Himanshu Mishra April 28, 2004
Nicole Pfeiffer May 14, 2003
Sangkil Moon April 15, 2002
Inwoo Nam April 27, 2001
Linda Kohout October 5, 2000
Carolyn Bonifield March 8, 1999
Timothy O’Conner February 12, 1998
Alexander Fedorikhin March 7, 1997
Kathryn Braun January 29, 1996
Bruce Klemz September 26, 1994
John Mittelstaedt August 25, 1993
Michele Pugh August 31, 1992
Peter Noble August 26, 1991
Jamshed Mobed July 13, 1990
Jamshed Mobed August 22, 1989
Miao-Ling Phoebe Lin August 4, 1988
Frederick Crawford June 22, 1987
Robert Bruns July 2, 1986
Deketa Nicholson December 17, 1985
Cathy Brown July 18, 1984