Undergraduate Program in Marketing

Marketing is crucial to any firm. Business leaders around the world see marketing as the most important business area because it is most directly responsible for creating a relationship to satisfy the customer in a profitable way. Marketing managers identify who a firm's customers are, what they need, and how the firm can best satisfy that need.

Initially, BBA graduates with marketing majors often find professional opportunities open to them in sales, market research, retailing, and advertising. With some experience in one or more of these areas, graduates also will find opportunities in areas such as marketing management, marketing analysis, and consulting. Many firms start every new marketing hire in a sales position. Professional selling is often the best, and sometimes the only, path leading into a company’s marketing department. They feel this is the best way for a new employee to learn about the firm’s products and customers intimately. Employees hired in other positions are often asked to start in sales because the experience can be invaluable as they "move up the ladder."

Market research is becoming more and more important as firms strive to better understand the needs of their customers. Opportunities exist for marketing graduates in this area within companies and with outside consultants. Graduates with strong quantitative and computer skills will be most successful in this area, as market research professionals rely heavily on statistical and analytic methods.

Retailing continues to be an area attractive to many marketing graduates. The retail industry has become quite sophisticated in recent years, and salaries of retail managers in many businesses have increased dramatically. If you enjoy working with people, value customer satisfaction, and want to combine all of your general business skills (marketing, finance, accounting, and human resources), retail management might be an area to consider.

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