The Gift of Giving Back

The 2011 Full-time MBA graduating class just closed their class gift campaign and the response was overwhelming. The class gift committee started with a goal of $25,000 to raise for future classes at Tippie, but they far exceeded those expectations.

The Campaign

The theme of this year's campaign was giving back to the community, which is an overarching goal of the Tippie MBA program. Since tuition covers only a portion of the total expense of an MBA education, donations from alumni and funds raised from class gift campaigns are essential to providing future students with opportunities they might otherwise miss. All donations go into the MBA Opportunity fund, which exclusively supports the Tippie MBA program. The fund gives money to:

  • career services
  • student scholarships
  • seminars and lectures
  • networking events
  • funds for students to study abroad
  • student recruitment

The Results

Students donated $40,675 to the campaign, which is the most for any class gift in Tippie's history. Andy Code, a generous Tippie MBA alumnus, volunteered to match funds pledged before May 12th, 2011. With his contributions, funds raised from the 2011 Class Gift Campaign total $65,675. The Class Gift Committee would like to thank everyone for their efforts and support for this year's campaign. There will be a plaque in honor of the 2011 MBA class in the Exchange to inspire the culture of giving back at Tippie.

Members of the 2011 Class Gift Committee included: Eric Eckerman, Tara From, Katie Lyon, Robert Levine, Otavio Mazzarolo, Faizal McBride, Kshipra Pitre, Jayme Reynolds, and Adam Strauss.