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Marketing Academy Spotlight

By Julie Zielinski, Marketing Career Academy Business Director


For the Marketing Academy, this was a special summer: Our first students to fully experience the academy structure graduated in May and have launched their post-MBA careers. For those of you who haven’t been involved with the program recently, let me start by sharing our current standings. The Tippie marketing program is ranked as one of the Top 15 MBA programs in marketing by Entrepreneur Magazine/Princeton Review, 2010, and one of the Top 25 MBA programs in marketing by BusinessWeek, 2010.

The marketing students at Tippie continue to represent 30%-35% of the business seeking students in the program. About half are career changers, coming into the program from a non-marketing background, and about half are career advancers, continuing in their current marketing career. We see about half of our students going into B2B applications, and half going into B2C. We also see students going into all fields within marketing: marketing strategy and analysis, product and brand management, research and analytics, consulting, business development, promotions and communiciations, digital marketing, and general leadership development roles.

The Academy structure was put in place to ensure that our MBA students going into the field of marketing are prepared for successful market entry and advancement. What does that really mean? We help students explore career opportunities within marketing by building a strong classroom experience and preparing students for their future careers through one-on-one coachings and soft skill development.

The Classroom Experience

MBA students in classThe hard skills come primarily from their coursework. Our objective continues to be preparing students as flexible, global marketing leaders. As such, we provide coursework and experiential learning across various marketing topics, from marketing strategy to marketing promotions, and within B2B and B2C applications. In an effort to continually evolve the curriculum to meet emerging trends within the field, we have recently added a new marketing analytics course, which is designed to prepare students to make the most of the ever expanding consumer data available to them.

In addition to the traditional coursework, the popular 2nd year “Field Studies” course is now taken by all 2nd year students, and includes 2-3 actual marketing projects from which students can choose. We thank our recent corporate partners (Hormel, Frontier, Clorox, to name a few) for their sponsorship of projects. To augment their coursework, the Academy brings in executive marketing speakers throughout the year, to speak on trends within their industry and field, and to share career insights with students.

Students also continue to get exposure to industry through business exposure trips and the annual Graduate Marketing Association (GMA) forum. The quality of businesses and executives to which our students have exposure is extremely impressive.

Career Outlook

Career advisor and studentThe business director serves as an executive coach of sorts for the students and works with them confidentially to see the career possibilities, hone their career goals, and develop their personal leadership competencies. For the second year in a row, the academy has had 100% internship placement, all in excellent jobs and companies.Our recent marketing graduates have accepted excellent career opportunities, with top tier companies such as ConAgra, Kimberly Clark, Gallup, Delta, United Airlines, United Stationers, Goldman Sachs, Hill-Rom, and STATS.

This year we launched the School of Management’s new Advisory Council, and within that, the Marketing Academy group of advisors. We have marketing executive alumni from companies such as Target Corp., Sears Holdings, US Bank, Hormel, ConAgra, Starcom MediaVest, the Nielsen Co., the Meredith Corp., and Bayer. These are alumni that dedicate the scarce resource of time in helping us continually advance our program and we are grateful!

To those who have helped during our academy birth and infancy, thank you! If you would like to be connected with the marketing academy, please contact or 319-384-1969. You can also check out our website at and our facebook page at