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The Impact Zone

Jay Sa-Aadu

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The Impact Zone

Join the Conversation

by Dean Sarah Gardial

As educators, our mission is to have an impact on our students. We work hard to ensure that they receive the knowledge and experiences to prepare them for the next step in their professional careers. If we are successful, our students will graduate and have an impact in the workplace.

In my four months as dean of the Tippie College of Business, I have seen the impact of Iowa’s programs. I have met alumni in various parts of the country and the state and I am greatly impressed by what they have accomplished. From start-up organizations to Fortune 500 companies, there are Tippie alumni making a difference in the world of business. We should feel proud of what this school has been able to accomplish, but we should also be ready for so much more.

Dean Sarah Gardial and Carl Schumacher Dean Gardial chats with
Tippie alum Carl Schumacher ('10)

The Tippie College is building on many strengths—outstanding faculty, dynamic programming, and student-centered initiatives that all have an impact on our students. But the world of business is changing rapidly and business education has to change with it. To do that, the college will be embarking on a strategic planning process where we will dream big and develop a vision for what Iowa’s business programs can be.

As many of you know, state funding for public universities has and will continue to decrease. That will not change. In order to continue to provide an excellent business education despite these shrinking resources, we have to make tough decisions. We may not be able to be excellent in every area. But, by taking the time to strategically review our programs, we can identify what areas can become stellar and then allocate the resources to those areas. If we are successful, we can improve upon the impact and prominence the college has among our students, alumni and peers.

But we cannot do it alone. We will need the feedback, ideas, and insights from our alumni and corporate partners. What business trends do we need to make sure our students are prepared to face upon graduation? What business challenges keep you up at night? What skills are lacking in the workplace and how can we ensure that our graduates have those skills?

I invite you to share your ideas with me. If these questions spark some thought, please feel free to email me at With the help of our faculty, alumni, staff, corporate partners, students, and donors, we can take the Tippie College to a new level. Please, join the conversation.