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The Impact Zone

Dundeana Doyle

The energy industry provided plenty of challenges for this Tippie alum. Read more...

The Impact Zone

A Message from Dean Sa-Aadu

In the Age of Change, Tippie Prepares Students to Identify and Create Value with Integrity

Of the many challenges facing business schools today, three are most pertinent and urgent:
(1) preparing students to identify and create value in the age of constant change and disruptive technology; (2) adhering to ethics and integrity in every value creating endeavor we engage in; and (3) committing to community building and strategic alliances to enrich the educational experiences of students. The challenge of coping with change is immense precisely because of the effects that change is having on the three flows of information, ideas and capital. These effects are the root cause of value chain fragmentation and the shortening of the life span of companies. To prepare our students so they can truly compete in this new global economy, we seek to build strategic and enduring alliances combined with vigorous community engagement. These actions exploit and leverage complementarities among and between partners to propel us forward, rather than seeking to engineer everything ourselves from the ground up.

Our strategy in this information age is to enhance the development of students as critical and integrative thinkers so they can analyze and importantly interpret data to identify and create value. In short, our students must be poised to bridge the ingenuity gap between the age of information and the age of data interpretation.

This issue of Inside the Tippie MBA is dedicated to events and initiatives that help us deliver on our value propositions, guided by ethics and integrity in the context of constant change.

I3On Friday, November 2, Steve Kotler, the New York Times bestselling author of Abundance, will lead a distinguished group of speakers at our I3 Innovation Forum in what promises to be a stimulating exposition on the pace of change, emerging new markets, and strategies of the future. The panel will provide unique perspectives on how to anticipate and prepare for the changes that are expected to impact all markets.

On the subject of value creation, read the fascinating piece about ethics and integrity in corporate governance contributed by Cheeni Rao, a 2014 MBA candidate, based on his own experience. The key insight here is that the only enduring and sustainable values are the ones created through the prism of ethics and integrity.

Next, our new Dean, Professor Sarah Gardial, shares her perspective regarding the future strategic direction of the college in the rapidly changing world of business. The heart of her message is that we will prepare students to cope with change by making purposeful and selective investments in programs and associated curriculums that are distinct and relevant to industry and society at large. We will do so through strategic partnerships and alliances with alumni, industry and community engagement to leverage complementarities and augment the educational experiences of students. “We cannot do it alone. We need feedback, ideas and insights from our alumni and corporate partners,” Dean Sarah Gardial writes. Consistent with this message, our alumni spotlight section illustrates the many ways and currencies in which you, the alumni, are already giving and can continue to give back.

Finally, we share with you our efforts in global engagement that provide opportunities to internationalize faculty and globalize the curriculum. The Tippie International MBA Globeprogram recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, which coincided with its 8th graduation ceremony. We now have 236 alumni from the Hong Kong International MBA program Among other things, our global engagements aim to enhance the cultural intelligence of students in terms of behaviors and practices that are universal and those that are contingent. In this age of change and open, large economies, the Tippie MBA is being transformed not only by globalized faculty, but also by globalized students with global mindsets. We hope you will answer positively to Dean Gardial’s clarion call for ideas, insights, collaboration, and donations, so we can take Tippie College to a new and higher level.