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The Impact Zone

I3 Forum Features Author Steven Kotler

by Cheeni Rao, 2014 MBA Candidate

Steven Kotler Steven Kotler

On November 2, the I3 forum will feature Steven Kotler, New York Times bestselling author of Abundance, and a distinguished series of speakers in a discussion of new markets, the pace of change, and strategies of the future. Our speakers will provide their unique perspectives on how to anticipate and prepare for the changes expected to impact all markets.

Though conventional wisdom indicates that the world’s burgeoning population is quickly pushing our resource usage to a dangerous tipping point, Pulitzer Prize nominee Steven Kotler shows how exponential technologies, DIY innovators, Technophilanthropists, and the “rising billion”  provide the solutions to humanity’s biggest problems.

James Thorp, founder and managing partner of AAVIN, will continue the conversation with insights gained through his over 20 years of experience in private equity and venture capital investment. Brenda Fonseca, who is responsible for strategic and operational leadership at Appcore, will present a perspective gained over her 15 years in leadership and process management in the biotechnology industry, while Mike Wokosin, Senior VP at Edelman, will focus on his experiences as a leader in digital strategy and discuss the challenges and opportunities of integrated marketing, digital entertainment, global interactive media, and e-commerce.

Our discussion as part of the I3 forum will provide an opportunity to meet these speakers, as well as the other business leaders attending the forum, who are exploring these new business frontiers. Attendees will have an opportunity afterwards to socialize and network.

Friday, November 2
11 am - 5 pm
$25, lunch provided
Hotel Vetro, downtown Iowa City