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Rogelio Rebolledo

MBA alum Rogelio Rebolledo took the advice of friends to pursue an MBA degree at Iowa.

The Impact Zone

Tippie’s International Faculty Enrich Students in Iowa and Hong Kong

by Michael Thompson, 2013 MBA Candidate

In Tippie’s Iowa City MBA classrooms, you will find students from five continents and many different time zones, much like what one would find in the office environment in global hubs such as London, New York or Hong Kong. What some Tippie students and alumni don’t realize, however, is that Tippie’s faculty members themselves routinely teach in Asia and Europe in addition to Iowa, bringing with them their own international experience every time they step back into their Iowa classrooms.

Recently celebrating its 10th anniversary, Tippie’s Hong Kong MBA Program is fully staffed by Iowa City-based professors. As one of the world’s leading financial centers and one of the busiest ports in the world, Hong Kong is an ideal location for top Tippie faculty to teach emerging leaders. One big differentiator for Iowa’s Hong Kong MBA program is the 100% U.S.-based faculty. Even in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, Tippie’s faculty brings international value that builds the Tippie and Iowa brands both in the United States and globally.

Dean Gardial at Hong Kong graduation ceremonyDean Sarah Gardial

University of Iowa President Sally Mason and Tippie College of Business Dean Sarah Gardial recently attended the graduation for the Tippie Hong Kong MBA graduating Class of 2012 and visited with Tippie alumni based in Hong Kong. The Tippie Hong Kong MBA graduation ceremony was held on Dean Gardial’s first official day of work as the new Dean for the Tippie College of Business, underscoring the importance of Tippie’s international involvement to its faculty, students and alumni.

Brandelle Unkrich, Admissions Coordinator for the Hong Kong MBA Program (as well as the MBA-PM and Italy MBA Program), routinely corresponds with the Hong Kong Program office in the morning from her office in Iowa City. “It is a city that never sleeps, bustling with business. At 8:00 am in Iowa City, it is 9:00 pm in Hong Kong and they are just winding up their day.”

Hong Kong graduatesTippie students Kam Fu (James) Kong, Kwong-Kei (Simon) Wan, Man To (Sam) Mok, and Wing Keung (Nickson) Wong celebrate their graduation from the Hong Kong MBA Program this summer.
Brandelle notes, “Our Hong Kong MBA student population reflects the cosmopolitan nature of the city. We have students from Hong Kong, Canada, India, Taiwan, Italy, the United States, and Mainland China. The students are drawn to the fact that they can earn a Tippie MBA in Hong Kong from the same esteemed faculty that teach in Iowa City.”

When you project yourself internationally, opportunities abound. Both Full-time and PM students participating in the annual Global Learning Opportunity will be visiting and taking classes in Hong Kong and Mainland China. They will be able to take advantage of networking opportunities that are available primarily due to Tippie’s established presence in Hong Kong.

The next time you visit Hong Kong, Northern Italy, and, of course, Iowa City, remember that your alma mater will always welcome you. No matter where you are going in the world, there are likely to be Tippie MBA alumni to have a cup of coffee with and share local insight, wherever you might be.